Founded in 2008, and developed and tested on the desert lakes of the Southwest, Peregrine 250 is a full line of boat care products. Peregrine 250 products are designed to keep your boat clean, shiny, protected… and lookin’ good.




Peregrine 250 Advanced Boat Spray Wax & Cleaner Formula was created to be used every time you get off the water. By doing so, you can prevent hard-water spot buildup that can permanently damage your boat and motor's finish. Peregrine 250 Advanced Boat Spray Wax & Cleaner removes water spots and hull scum, cleans your windshield, chrome and rims. It can even remove stains from your boat's carpet.

Peregrine 250 Water Dog Hard Water Spot Eliminator is designed to easily remove hard water spots from your boat, outboard motor and vehicle, and it’s also great for cleaning glass windows and chrome. 

Peregrine 250 Eagle Eye Screen Cleaner is formulated specifically to clean display screens. It will keep your fish-finder, GPS display, and laptops crystal clear. Also works on sunglasses, eyeglasses and even TV screens.


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