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Peregrine 250, LLC Boat Care Products

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About Us Peregrine 250, LLC Boat Care Products

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I purchased a new Triton boat in 2006. I was looking for a product to clean my boat but was unable to find a product that I was happy with. Either it took too long to wipe the boat down, or some of the product would leave residue or real greasy film on the boat. You needed a separate product for the gel coat, a special product for the motor, another product for the seats, and a product for the window, another product for your graph and your glasses and your phone. Then you needed products for your truck. It drove me crazy. At that point I decided that I needed to come up with something I could use and it was important to come up with something that was environmentally friendly. I created a formula that was just for me to use that I was happy with. Guys at the lake would ask me what I cleaned my boat with. I would tell them it's my stuff. People would come up to me and ask where they could buy Roger's stuff. At that point I realized I had something cool going on. I talked to my wife and decided to start the company and that is when Peregrine 250, LLC was founded. We chose the name Peregrine 250 after the peregrine falcon who is capable of flying up to a speed of 250 miles an hour. We are proud to say all of our products are made in the USA.


We want to thank Derrek Stewart, our Prostaff advisor, and staff writer of our promotional materials for all of his support. We are honored to include an article by Derrek from the BBZ that tells more of my story. We also want to thank Bill Siemantel of the BBZ for all of his help with Peregrine 250.

BBZ Shout Out Sunday: Roger Larocque / Peregrine 250


Derrek Stewart

Roger Larocque is a significant member of the Southern California Bass Fishing Community in a multitude of ways, here is why.  


Owner Operator of Peregrine 250 Boat Care Products


The company’s mission statement reads, “The Peregrine 250 Company is dedicated to providing the North American Marine Industry with superior all-inclusive boat care products at a competitive price.” This statement says it all because that is precisely what Roger and Peregrine products accomplish. The product line; from their Peregrine 250 general purpose waxer cleaner, Water Dog hardwater spot remover, Eagle Eye electronic screen cleaner, and the newest product Carpet X P250 carpet cleaner not only provides exceptional performance they come with an excellent price point. Products that work well and don't cost more, you can't ask for a better situation.

Member of the Castaic Bass Club

Castaic Bass Club 2015 Angler of the Year


Roger’s dedication to performance doesn’t stop with his company. He works just as hard at fishing with his bass fellowship, the Castaic Bass Club. For the 2015 CBC season, Roger set a goal for himself; earn the boater’s Angler of the Year title. During last year’s Interclub Challenge events, his lowest finish was 4th and he compiled an impressive five 1st place finishes outpacing his fellow club anglers to the AOY title. I know many of the “sticks” in the CBC, it’s an impressive group and Roger’s performance was well earned. 

Tournament Angler

Roger and his partners are perennial competitors on the regional team circuits. A longtime supporter of National Bass West, he is no stranger to success on the team level as well. It's at these events that he has a knack for landing impressive big bass.    


Supporter of Local and Regional Tournaments, Community Events, and Charitable Fund Raising


One of the greatest things about Roger is he never hesitates to give back to the fishing community. Whether it’s donating his personal time and Peregrine products to charitable causes or providing swag to a variety of tournaments and seminar events, Roger is always right there helping.  His efforts and generosity go a long way to not only make angler participation, at various events better but he has provided his time and resources to help some of the most deserving causes.

Cast For Kids Event Lake Castaic


Charities and Fund Raising; The Warrior Foundation, Cast For Kids, Bassin’ with FRAMM supporting First Responders and Military Personnel, St Judes Hospital Children's Cancer Research, Lake Castaic Memorial Tournament a cure for cancer fund raiser, Santa Clarita Police and Fireman Bass Tournament… the list goes on.

Peregrine 250 Seminar Swag, again, and again, and…


Tournament Organizations Supported; National Bass West, American Bass Association, Angler’s Choice, Bass Federation, Best Bass Tournament, Castaic Bass Club, ZLF Bass Club, Bass Pro Shops Havasu Tournaments, Top Stick Tour… 

A Friend and Always a Fun Day on the Water

Whenever Roger and I fish together, it doesn’t matter how good or how terrible the fishing is I know that it’s going to be a great day filled with lots of laughs. Roger is one of the funniest people I know.  It’s always a good time and that is one of the most important things during a day on the water. 

The Bar Is High

Setting goals and putting in the time to stay on the path to success, whether it's work, play, or altruism there is a common thread that runs through all of Roger’s endeavors. Roger, we can learn a lot from you, and here at the BBZ, we are extremely appreciative to have Peregrine’s support. Thank you, Roger!