The Peregrine 250 Fish Finder Screen Cleaning Kit has everything you need to clean your marine electronic screens in one easy and convenient kit. Whenever you go fishing, you are going to get hard water spots on you screens, which make them difficult to read - especially in sunny conditions. Most marine electronic screens are also easy to scratch and damage if you don't use the proper cleaners, soaps, and towels - leaving you with screens that are always difficult to see through. Don't take any chances - the Peregrine 250 Fish Finder Screen Cleaning Kit has everything you need - along with easy to follow instructions.


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Peregrine 250 Fish Finder Screen Cleaning Kit

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  • Instructions:

    Important: Make sure you check out the manufacturer’s warranty on your electronics first. Use as directed. These are suggested ways to clean your fishfinder using our products. Peregrine 250, LLC and Bill Siemantel are not responsible for the misuse of this cleaning kit if any damage occurs.

    1. Take a little bit of soap on your fingertip. Dab it all across the screen. (Don’t rub it on because you don’t want to scratch the screen.)

    2. Take a paper towel and fold it up and lay it over the screen to cover. Take some Peregrine 250 Water Dog-spray on the paper towel. (Do not spray directly on the screen.) Pat the wet paper towel around the screen.

    3. Leave for 20-30 seconds and pull it off. See if the water spots are off.

    4. Dab and lightly wipe the screen with a micro fiber cloth.

    5. Take a clean part of the microfiber cloth and spray the Eagle Eye screen cleaner on the cloth until it is damp. Go over the screen lightly with the cloth to remove the soap and wipe clean and dry.

    6. If there are any additional water spots-repeat the procedure with the wet paper towel. Spray a little more Waterdog on the paper towel in the remaining water spot areas. Wipe with a microfiber cloth until it is clean and dry.

    Fishfinder Screen cleaning instructions as demonstrated by Bill Siemantel: